Going Green

Members of the S.J.D. Green Team

Members of the S.J.D. Green Team

We have a school goal this year that states: To continue to develop a safe, positive and supportive school culture that inspires and nurtures respect for self, all members of the school community, and the environment, both locally and globally.  Specifically, we hope to continue to raise our collective environmental consciousness.

We have implemented a Waste Management program at our school. Here is what it looks like:

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling: reducing the amount things we use as a school, reusing what we can, and properly recycling the rest = reducing our waste. Some of what we recycle are refundable drink containers that we use to generate funds to support ongoing Green initiatives.

Composting: One of the biggest components of our Waste Management Program is eliminating all food waste and paper towel waste from our garbage. Our classes all have proper bins for sorting items and reducing our waste, a large part of which is food waste. The ‘hot’ composting system used will happen off site.

Education: Of course, this is and will continue to be our main goal. Our Grade 4/5 ‘Green Team’ will be very busy helping our community and, more specifically, our younger students learn ways to be more aware of our environmental impact. The Grade 4/5’s will present skits in assemblies, share ideas over the announcements and do demonstrations in classrooms to teach other students to be more ‘waste aware’.

Throughout the year, we will continue to have ‘Green’ messages and activities that promote wonderful ways to make a difference and be as environmentally conscious as we can.



I Walk week Gold and Silver Awards went to Mme Gerhart’s grade 2/3s and Mme Claire’s grade 1s. Congratulations!

Over the years at Sir James Douglas School our interest in environmental issues has been increasing. The school community has been working hard to support ongoing projects and setting goals for additional ways to increase our collective awareness of our ecological footprint and begin a concentrated plan to reduce it.

As a result of this, one of our school goals is to identify, promote, model and celebrate ways to be socially and globally responsible throughout our school and community. Specifically, to raise our collective environmental consciousness. Some programs we include at our school are:

  • I Walk Golden Shoe awards (for the class that has the greatest percentage of students arriving in non-fossil fuel ways (walking, biking, scooter) or reduced fossil fuel ways (bus, carpool) to school, during I Walk week in early October each year.
  • Salmonid project (3 incubators a year starting salmon from eggs and releasing them into the wild)
  • Numerous walking field trips (usually more than 75 a year for the whole school)

As with all school initiatives, we can make more of a difference with the support and involvement of active parents and volunteers. Please consider the packaging waste when you are making lunches and snacks. Think about walking/ riding to school , even it if is only one day a week. Every little bit helps!