Please refer to the appropriate grade level for a list of recommended and optional school supplies for the year found under the student info tab. Please inform the office if you wish financial support for these purchases.

  • Please note that students in grades 2 to 5 will be supplied with student agendas. Where possible, parents are requested to make a donation of $8 to offset the cost of the agendas.
  • Throughout the year teachers may request donations for fieldtrips. No child will ever be denied participation in a fieldtrip or other activity due to inability to pay.
  •  Hot lunches are organized by PAC twice each month. The ordering information is provided in the September Pack Up that is sent home or can be picked up at the school office. Again, financial support for this can be requested through the school office or the PAC.
  • Throughout the year our wonderful PAC organizes fundraising events to offset school costs and to help subsidize families. Please consider participating in these events through volunteering.