Mission and Beliefs

The Greater Victoria School District is committed to each student’s success in learning within a responsive and safe environment.

We believe that:

  • All individuals have the capacity to learn and the power to positively influence the future
  • High expectations are appropriate for all students. It is essential to treat all individuals with dignity and respect
  • Access to educational opportunity should be equitable
  • Safe, healthy, clean environments enhance working and learning
  • Learning is a personal, lifelong experience
  • Involvement of students is vital to the successful operation of the District
  • Schools, parents and the community are partners in education

At Sir James Douglas, our mission, values and beliefs guide us as we support our students’ learning, progress and achievement. Our ground rules assist us in being a vibrant and effective teaching community.

Sir James Douglas Mission is to:

  • Celebrate individuality
  • Encourage growth
  • Ensure respect
  • Share responsibility
  • Demonstration fairness
  • Promote acceptance
  • Welcome challenge

Sir James Douglas Values and Beliefs are:

  • We value individuality
  • We value challenge and growth
  • We value acceptance and compassion
  • We value confidence
  • We value fairness
  • We value fun
  • We value teamwork

Ground Rules for Our Team are:

  • We listen actively
  • We respect differences
  • We arrive on time
  • We participate and contribute
  • We use a common language to problem-solve
  • We collaborate for problem-solving
  • We focus on solutions
  • We share resources & knowledge
  • We model the behaviors we expect from others
  • We are curious and open
  • We act with compassion