Sir James Douglas has two Kindergarten programs, English and French Immersion. Both programs provide a rich learning environment that focuses on both social emotional and academic learning in a play-based environment.

Research is clear that grades K to 2 are the most important learning times to ensure student progress in literacy throughout their school years. Because of this we are very proud at SJD to have implemented a strong and systematic research based approach to literacy development and support in our primary classes. K students are assessed early in the year, using a quick standardized tool, by both the Learning Support teachers and our speech and language pathologist to help us determine individual student needs and structure our lessons and support in light of this information.

For a brief description the foundational research please visit the slideshow developed by our Speech and Language Pathologist, Dr. Melanie Houston.


For everything you need to know to register your child for kindergarten or grade 1 FI, including a list of the required documentation to bring to the school, go to –